General Information   Meetings
Christadelphian Hall Sunday Breaking of Bread 11:00 a.m.
Town Street, Armley Sunday Bible Talk 2:00 p.m.
Leeds Sunday
LS12 3JG
Wednesday Bible Class 8.00 p.m.
Tel. 232-9289 Sunday
Website - http://www.westyorksbible.co.uk




There have been Christadelphians in Leeds for nearly 150 years. The congregation moved from Derby Crescent, of Dewsbury Road to the present hall when it was built in 1970.



On the cormer of Armley Ridge Road and Town Street, Armley.

Below is an interactive Google Map of our location:






  Contact Information - for any queries about LeedsWest Christadelphians
The Secretary      
at above address
  Bible Talks planned (God Willing)
Date Subject
24 MAR, 2019 Reasons why I beleive God
31 MAR, 2019 God makes and keeps promises
07 APR, 2019 Christ's teaching about the Kingdom
14 APR, 2019 Jerusalem - future world capital
21 APR, 2019 - - To be arranged - -
28 APR, 2019 God keeps His promises