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The Pater Hall Sunday Breaking of Bread variable
Lewis Street entrance Sunday Bible Talk 6:00 p.m.
SA72 6DD
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Bible Line - 01792 280319      

Public Bible talks are held most Sundays at 6.00 p.m. at the Pater Hall, PEMBROKE DOCK. Admission is free and all are warmly welcomed.  Please see below for relevant dates and titles of planned talks, God Willing.


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N A Bernard      
  Bible Talks planned (God Willing)
Date Subject
23 JUL, 2017 The meek shall inherit the earth
30 JUL, 2017 What is the Apocalypse?
06 AUG, 2017 Conforming science to the Bible
13 AUG, 2017 The One Faith of the Bible
20 AUG, 2017 Israel escaped Egypt - will you?
27 AUG, 2017 There is no supernatural devil
03 SEP, 2017 Christ will return as king
10 SEP, 2017 -
17 SEP, 2017 What we must do to be saved
24 SEP, 2017 Christendom is astray from the Bible
01 OCT, 2017 The Papacy versus the Lamb of God
08 OCT, 2017 Are you fearful? - the Bible answer
15 OCT, 2017 -
22 OCT, 2017 What God's Kingdom on earth will be like
29 OCT, 2017 Balfour's declaration and Bible Prophecy
05 NOV, 2017 The gospel message in Paul's speeches
12 NOV, 2017 Seek ye first the Kingdom of God
19 NOV, 2017 Proof that Christ is risen
26 NOV, 2017 The parables of the Gospel
03 DEC, 2017 The thousand year reign of Christ