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Christadelphian Hall Sunday Breaking of Bread 10:30 a.m.
29 New Road Sunday Bible Talk 2.00pm
Spalding Sunday Sunday School 10:20am
PE11 1DL
Wednesday Bible Class 7:45p.m.
Friday CYC
Friday CYC Junior
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About Spalding Christadelphians:

In the early days, certain Christian believers found that to preserve their identity they had to give themselves a name. The name "Christadelphian" was chosen because it means "brothers (and of course sisters) in Christ". It has been used to distinguish the religion since 1864.

We are a Bible based community of believers in Christ. Fundamental to our faith is the principle that what Christ and his apostles taught in the first century was truth, and it is still the truth today. 

The Holy Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, are their authority.

Christadelphians are present world wide but here in Spalding they have been worshipping in the hall since 1908 when the building was purposefully built for them.

More about the Christadelphians:

Titles for Sunday talks at 2pm are as listed below:

(public welcome)

  Contact Information - for any queries about Spalding Christadelphians
Ron Walding      
29 New Road
PE11 1DL      
  Bible Talks planned (God Willing)
Date Subject
20 OCT, 2019 The Wonder of Bible Prophecy
27 OCT, 2019 If there is a God, Why does he allow Suffering
03 NOV, 2019 Can the Bible Really be True?
10 NOV, 2019 Facing the Facts about God's Promises
17 NOV, 2019 Tips on Effective Bible Reading
24 NOV, 2019 Does it Matter what we Believe?
01 DEC, 2019 Life's about Choices - Choose Life
08 DEC, 2019 Jesus Christ - Who is He?
15 DEC, 2019 New World Order
22 DEC, 2019 The Bible: Creation or Evolution