General Information   Meetings
Walsall Afro-Caribbean Centre Sunday Breaking of Bread 1.30pm
36 Wolverhampton Road Wednesday Reading Group 7.30pm.
Walsall Sunday Bible Hour 10.30 pm
Tuesday Bible Class 7.30pm in homes
Tel. 0121 530 0621 Sunday
Thursday Learn English 7.30pm
Website - www.walsallchristadelphians.org.uk

Please contact John using the e-mail link below to find out about our activities

Our Bible Reading Group is held at the home of Chris and Gill, 65 Hayles Road, Wednesbury, West Midlands

Learn English with the Bible is held at the Whitehall Infant School, Weston Street, Caldmore, Thursdays, 7.30pm.

Below is an interactive Google Map showing our location for our Sunday activities:


  Contact Information - for any queries about Walsall Christadelphians
John Palmer      
Tel. 0121 530 0621
Email info@walsallchristadelphians.org.uk