General Information   Meetings
Skelton Village Hall, Brecksfield, Skelton, York. Sunday Breaking of Bread 11.00 a.m.
Thursday Bible Discovery contact secretary for time and venue
Sunday Bible Hour 1.30 p.m.


Following the beliefs of the 1st Century followers of Jesus, we are a small group of Bible students that have met in York from 1867, originally in homes, but since 1909 in various rented halls. You are most welcome to attend any of our free public meetings held at The Skelton Village Hall, Brecksfield, Skelton, York. YO30 1XY. Bible Hour - Sunday afternoons at 1.30pm, or a Reading Group in homes during the week (contact secretary as times and venues vary).

All are welcome to these talks. Anyone wishing to receive information on other Bible topics please contact the secretary, Mr D Tanner by telephone 01904795297; Email: ychristadelphian1@btinternet.com or by post (see address) to find out more.

'Life's Biggest Questions' is a free book available to those who are asking the question as to what is the point or meaning of life. It looks at our relationship with the God who created us and "unlocks the possibility of a life which carries a deep sense of fulfilment now and a wonderful hope for a bright and positive future"

We also offer a free monthly magazine, 'Glad Tidings', which we will send to read alongside your Bible

Please see the various items on the home page and the videos on the above tagline.

Below is an interactive Google Map of our Sunday location:


  Contact Information - for any queries about York Christadelphians
Mr D Tanner      
York Christadelphians Tel. 01904795297
8 Easthorpe Drive Email ychristadelphian1@btinternet.com
Nether Poppleton      
YO26 6NS